Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lewis River Falls '09

For the 4th of July my brother and I joined Nate and Heather Herbeck for a Liquid Kayak mission to the Lower Falls on the Lewis River. We arrived at the drop at about noon, and within an hour had set up good media coverage and reliable safety. My brother and I were the only ones really keen on running the drop, and as usual I was made to go first. I approached the first 5ft. ledge in control and was able to stay right before boofing and dropping over the 35ft. waterfall. With everything in tact I rolled up and paddled through the turquoise waters to the take out below. Because of a not-so-perfect experience on this drop last year my brother was a little more nervous than I was. Fortunately right after I set safety I watched my brother fire off the drop with an incredibly clean line. He reserfaced soon and threw up a fist in satisfaction. Later we all jumped off the 30-50ft cliffs that surrounded the falls. - A killer 4th of July.

My brother's line last year... ---------- ...But he cleaned it this year

Heather Herbeck, my brother, and I taking a victory jump


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