Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little White Salmon Race 2011

This year the World Class Academy launched the largest Little White Salmon Race on record. At the takeout 27 competitors in 13 different teams of two or more grouped together to discuss the race. The first heat would be through Gettin' Busy, the first and longest rapid on the L-Dub. The second would be from below wood choked Island Drop to the bottom of Wishbone. The team with the fastest combined times from the first and second heat would be pronounced winner. My race partner, Ryan Lucas of New Zealand, had only been down the Little White twice before but he was faster n' hell and I knew that as long as I led him down the correct lines he would keep up. Aside from my spinning out in one feature, Ryan and I did well in the first heat and finished within a few seconds of the top team. The second heat was more than twice as long as the first and brought light to a different style of race than that of the first heat. Instead of paddling the continuous Getting Busy style of whitewater to be had in the top stretch the second section focused on technical ledge drops and the longer sections of mellow water in-between. Feeling exhausted below Wishbone, we grouped up with the other competitors and lackadaisically paddled the final section of river. At the take-out Capo, the main race organizer, announced the results:

1st Place and $200 Cash Prize- Locals Louis Geltman & Lane Jacobs
2nd Place and $100 Cash Prize- Ryan Lucas & Todd Wells
3rd Place and $50 Cash Prize- Jure Poberaj & Jeff C.
4th Place - Trevor Sheehan & Drew Austell
5th Place- Todd Anderson and Ross

I was stoked to walk away with second place, but I've got my sights set on first for next year. Big shout out to everyone who helped make the Little White Race possible. If you couldn't make it out this year, we look forward to seeing you out there next year. It's only gonna get bigger

Photos by Jed Weingarten