Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Harsh End to the Season

Last weekend my brother and I headed out to paddle the Green Truss Section of the White Salmon. Though the water was pretty low (1.7 @ Husum), the run had gone great, with clean lines over Big Brother, Double Drop, and through Zig-Zag Canyon... until we got to BZ falls. Scouting BZ, the flow looked just fine (nothing I hadn't paddled before). My brother went first and had a clean line, but once I got to the lip I didn't get a strong boof stoke and petoned into the left wall. After the impact I saw that there was a decent dent in the front of my boat, and I felt a throbbing pain at my ankle. After my brother and I rushed to the take out, I hobbled up to the parking lot using our paddles as crutches. Because of the swelling and pain in my foot, my brother drove me down to the Hospital in White Salmon. The X-rays at the hospital revealed a break in the bottom of my tibia. After telling me that I had to stay off my foot for two months, the doctors sent me home with a cast, crutches, and a bottle of Vicodine. Though my kayak season came to a harsh and unexpected end, I'm hoping my foot heels up quickly so I can get back on the water.

Big Brother

My broken foot all wrapped up.

The dent in the front of my H:3

Pyranha H:3 For Sale
Tough it does have a fold in the front it still paddles fine, and I'd offer a good price.
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