Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swift Water Rescue Class

Over the last weekend my brother and I spent three days at Wet Planet in Husum, WA learning professional swiftwater rescue techniques. We spent our time in and out of the water understanding and practicing a variety of rescue techniques. I was already aware of and had used many of the rescue techniques, but methods such as the Z-Drag system and foot entrapment resolution were new to me. From learning how to tie proper knots for different situations to learning how to un-pin a raft or kayak I learned many skills at this course and feel confident to use each technique in real life situation. Instructors Jonathon Blum and Todd Collins not only knew the proper techniques for each situation but had executed almost every skill in their past experiences. I hope I don't have to be involved in too many rescue situations in the near future, but I know that with extreme kayaking comes these situations on a regular basis. Now I feel like I can resolve many dangerous whitewater situations safely and efficiently.

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