Friday, August 7, 2009

WCKA Summer Session: Part 1

After some time on the Clark Fork we decided to drive to Mesa Falls in Idaho for an overnight park and huck. As soon as we reached the parking lot we began the quick hike to the waterfall. One mile and 50 mosquito bites later, we arrived at the Mesa and thoroughly scouted the falls. I wasn't able to convince my coach to let me run the 65ft. drop on the right side, but the 10 and 30ft. consecutive waterfalls on the left side still got my adrenaline pumping. Along with my own thrill in running the drop, I was able to watch Karsten Thompson run Mesa, his first waterfall, with a clean line. After we hiked through a steep scree field and back up the trail we set up camp, ate a quick meal, and got some sleep. The next morning we headed back to Crystal Springs, and arrived with just enough time to load the boats and gear on the van before heading to the Skookumchuck Narrows...

My brother boofing the top drop...
... And launching off the second one

My brother and I looking downstream after a successful huck

Photo Credits: Mike Malament

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