Saturday, February 13, 2010

WCKA in Chile: The Siete Tazas

Though extremely short the Siete Tazas section of the Rio Claro is a very beautiful run with seven thrilling drops stacked consecutively after one another. After a good half hour of lowering our fourteen kayaks down to the river we put in on the first and most fun waterfall of the run. This 12 foot drop with a clean sliding lip and soft landing made for silky smooth boofs day after day. After the put-in drop were four easier ledge drops ranging in size from three to six feet. These smaller drops provided for good opportunities to throw freewheels, macho moves and pogo-loops, and the crystal clear pools between each drop allowed for good cartwheels and flat water loops. The next bigger drop of the run was a sliding 15 foot waterfall that because of its abrupt lip provided for some excellent carnage. Shortly afterward came the last and largest drop of the run. The uneven lip and green landing on this 17 foot drop made each boof more painful and also provided its fair share of carnage.

Coach K and myself stoked to be on the Siete Tazas

Capo boofing the first drop
During the first two days at the Rio Claro we had regular class days followed by casual runs down the Siete Tazas, but on the third and final day at the Claro we spent the morning picking up litter at swimming holes along the Claro and spent the afternoon racing down the Siete Tazas. Even if you don’t bring your kayak, the Siete Tazas on the Rio Claro is an excellent destination for anyone traveling to Chile.

Picking up trash along the Rio Claro

Miestro Capo throwing some disk with our freetime

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