Thursday, May 14, 2009

Junior World Record: 82' Metlako Falls

Christie Glissmeyer sets the new female record waterfall

For a while now, I've had it in my mind that it would be very possible to break Pat Keller's 75ft. Junior World Record Waterfall. And on Sunday that thought turned into a reality. Evan Garcia called me and said that Christie Glissmeyer and himself were itching to run 85ft. Metlako and that the flows were good to go. I knew this would be a great accomplishment in my kayaking and joined the two on their trip to Metlako. At the trailhead Christie, Evan, Erik Boomer, and some other buddies hiked the beautiful 2 miles to Metlako. We scouted the stout from each angle, and decided the flow was as perfect as it gets. Shortly after getting in our boats and boofing the 10ft. Lower Punchbowl as a warm up, we arrived at the lip of the beast. Evan and Christie were first to roll off the lip, and after excited shouts from below I knew it was my turn. I paddled toward the drop in total control and as I rolled over the lip I kissed my deck, let go of my paddle, and waited for impact. After 3 solid seconds of freefall, I penetrated the deep pool below with little force of impact. Surfacing in the massive boils, I hand paddled to a cove on the right, and got my first look back up at the 85ft. stout. Christie and I shared the excitement of having just broken the Female and Junior Record Waterfall with Evan. The photos of myself are still on hold, but before too long I'll have pictures to go along with this story. Also make sure to check out Christie Glissmeyer's interview with Paddling Life Magazine.


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